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How do I register using Self-Service?

If you do not know your login username, please use the info below to obtain your credentials.

Obtain Your User Name and Password - Reset Password Instructions

You need to reset your password immediately by clicking on the MyCod Email (Microsoft 365) button below.

You will sign into Microsoft 365 by typing in your and the default password.

Follow the instructions for verification and the resetting of your password.

System Downtimes


Potential Downtimes for Self Service are as follows:

12:01am - 1:00am : Monday - Saturday

12:01am - 4:00am : Sunday 

12:01am - 8:00am : Last Sunday of each month

These are windows used to perform critical maintenance and upgrades to our systems. While systems may be available during these timeslots, if needed they may be taken offline during this window without further notification.

Have Questions?

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Come view the FAQ for answers to your questions.

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