Emergency Notification at COD

In the event of an emergency

College of the Desert may use any one or all of the following emergency notification systems to alert the COD community.

  • Campus Email and/or Student Email

  • Text via mobile/cell number on file

  • Notification on the Portal

  • Notification on the College Web page

  • Campus Paging System

  • Announcement to Campus Phones (activate the speakers)

  • Berbee Broadcasting to open areas inside the buildings (i.e., Library, Cafeteria, etc.)

  • Broadcast via Hilb Speakers to outside open areas on campus.

Emergency Message Content

An emergency message may contain the following information, depending on the specifics of the situation:

  • Nature of incident.

  • Specific location of incident, i.e., LA 12, DM 20, etc.

  • Description of person(s) involved.

  • Description of property involved.

  • Necessary further instructions, i.e., Shelter location.

Emergency Notification Systems Info

Emergency Notification Systems may be used to notify students and staff of major events of an important, but non-emergency nature, such as a widespread and long lasting power outage, or other events that require class cancellations or evacuations. Such notifications will be the decision of the President’s or designee’s office.

Once the emergency is over, an “all clear” message may be authorized by the President or designee.

All staff, faculty and students are encouraged to provide a cell phone contact number to be utilized by our emergency alert notification system, which provides rapid notification and what actions to take in the event of an emergency. Emergency alerts will be automatically sent to cell phones.